Swiss Vignette General Information

A Swiss vignette is mandatory for drivers planning to use the Swiss toll road system. The vignette requirement applies both to foreign and domestic drivers and must be satisfied by vehicles whose maximum permissible weight does not exceed 3.5t.

In Switzerland, it is possible to buy a traditional vignette or a digital vignette, which was introduced in August 2023. A digital vignette can be obtained in a more simplified way – you don’t need to look for sales points and can buy it online from any place.

To order a digital vignette, a driver must complete a short form by entering the requested information (vehicle’s category, country of registration, license number, and driver’s contact details), cover the 58-EUR fees, and receive confirmation via email.

The Swiss vignette is issued as an annual vignette that stays valid for 14 months from the 1st of December of the previous year until the 31st of January of the next year. It has no cooling-off period and can be used immediately.

Those driving toll roads without a valid vignette for Switzerland will be fined of CHF 200 in addition to the costs of the missing vignette. Due to the convenience of digital vignette usage, it is expected that an electronic vignette may fully replace a traditional one in the future.

Prices and Types of Swiss vignette

At the moment, the Swiss vignette is issued in one type. Whether you purchase a vignette electronically or at the physical point of sales, you will get:

  • an annual vignette for motor vehicles up to 3.5t that can be used within 14 months from the 1st of December of the previous year until the 31st of January of the next year.

A Swiss vignette for motor vehicles can be bought for 58 EUR. Keep in mind that only one vignette option (annual vignette) is available, so even if you are going to drive Swiss expressways and motorways for a few hours only, you need to order a vignette that covers a 14-month period. Short-term vignettes in Switzerland are yet to be introduced.


58.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

How to get a Swiss motorway vignette

A motorway vignette can be purchased through a simple process that includes a few straightforward points. You only need an electronic device with an internet connection and then:

  1. Provide the necessary information in the form (e.g., your vehicle category, country of registration, registration plate number, your electronic address, and phone number)
  2. Cover the fees. You need to make a 58-EUR payment using such online payment methods, as PayPal, credit/debit card, Klarna, and others.
  3. Check your inbox and save the confirmation. The document proving the Swiss vignette purchase will be delivered via email. Save it onto the mobile device you are going to bring with you during travel.

A Swiss vignette has immediate validity with no cooling-off prior to the active period, so you can use it right after the purchase.

Note: In order to buy a traditional vignette for Switzerland, you need to visit physical sales points, such as gas stations located at the border. You can also join the lane for motor vehicles that don’t have a valid vignette at the Switzerland border.

Swiss Vignette Exceptions

Generally, vehicles with a maximum permissible weight under 3.5t in Switzerland must have a valid vignette. However, there are certain exceptions. A Swiss vignette is not required for the following categories:

  • police
  • test vehicles
  • fixed trailers
  • vehicles for driver testing
  • vehicles aimed at helping citizens
  • trailers and trolleys for motorcycles
  • certain tractors

Special toll

The Swiss vignette covers the majority of tunnels in the country. Still, certain Swiss tunnels require additional fees (not an additional vignette):

  • the San Bernardino tunnel
  • the Munt la Schera tunnel (Livigno)

Moreover, extra fees may be applied while using:

  • the Oberaar panorama road at the Grimsel pass
  • some ferries
  • car trains

Why the Swiss Vignette Obligation is Important

Switzerland, like some other countries, introduced vignettes with the aim of maintaining and improving the national road infrastructure. Now, all vehicles under 3.5t, including cars, trailers, and motorcycles, must have a valid vignette to be on Swiss expressways and motorways. Drivers who didn’t buy a proper vignette for their vehicles will be subject to fines.

Without a valid vignette, you are only allowed to use the routes excluding motorways, which can make traveling around Switzerland quite inconvenient. It is always best to buy a vignette, and have a trip without any problems or stress.

Benefits of Swiss Motorway Vignette Online

Using a digital vignette for Switzerland had numerous benefits:

  • You can buy it online from anywhere in the world
  • The process of obtaining a digital vignette is quick and convenient
  • You do not have to look for sales points
  • A digital vignette is not glued to the windscreen so it doesn’t leave glue residue or scratches


Do I need to buy a vignette to use the Swiss motorway?

Yes. If you plan to travel to Switzerland and use its toll road system, you must obtain a vignette, provided your vehicle’s maximum permissible weight does not exceed 3.5t. You are able to buy a motorway vignette for Slovenia online or at physical sales points.

What types of vignettes are available in Switzerland?

Currently, there is only one type of Swiss e-vignette available – an annual vignette that remains effective for 14 months. It is obligatory on Swiss roads, so you need to purchase an official vignette even if you will drive in Switzerland only for several hours.

Where is it possible to obtain a vignette for Swiss motorways?

You are able to buy a Swiss vignette at the sales points (e.g., gas stations), however, it is much more convenient to purchase a digital vignette for Switzerland online. The process is straightforward: provide your data in the form, pay the fees, and receive an electronic confirmation via email.

How does an e-vignette work in Switzerland?

An e-vignette for using toll roads in Switzerland can be obtained online. Once you purchase a digital vignette, it will be electronically connected to your vehicle’s registration plate number and be registered in the system. Driving Swiss motorways and expressways without a valid vignette will result in fines.

Is it necessary to print out an e-vignette?

A printout of the Swiss motorway vignette confirmation is not required since it will be enough to present a digital copy on a mobile device – a smartphone or tablet. The e-vignette for Switzerland will also be electronically linked to the plate number of the vehicle.

How can I pay for the vignette for motorways in Switzerland?

You can complete the payment for the Swiss vignette by using one of the available payment methods. For example, you are able to choose between credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Klarna, and other options. Check the information regarding the payment process before buying a vignette at the sales point/electronically.

What is the validity period of a vignette?

The validity period shows how long you can use Swiss toll roads under a current vignette. A Swiss vignette is issued in one type only – as an annual vignette that does not expire within 14 months (from the 1st of December to the 31st of January of the next year).

What are the exceptions to vignette obligation?

While the vignette requirement in Switzerland applies to most vehicles under 3.5t, the exceptions include police, vehicles with military license plates, test vehicles, vehicles aimed at helping citizens, vehicles for driver testing, trailers and trolleys for motorcycles, fixed trailers, and certain tractors.